Joseph Vincent♥

Just two girls who LOVE Joseph Vincent ;D

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Q: What is Joseph’s full name?
A: Joseph Vincent Encarnacion

Q: When is his birthday?
A: August 15, 1989

Q: How old is he?
A: 22

Q: What is his ethnic background?

A: He is full Filipino.

Q: How tall is he?
A: 5’11

Q: Where is his hometown?
A: San Fernando Valley, California

Q: What college does he go to?
A: He is attending his last semester at UCI.

Q: What does his tattoo mean?

A: The tattoo on his chest is his initials in Alibata (An ancient Filipino Language) which is for his family seeing that his brother has the same initials (JVE) derived from his mom (JE) and his dad (VE)

Q: What’s his type of girl?

A: Down to earth, up for anything, very spontaneous, sense of humor.

Q: How can I contact him for performance inquiries?
A: Contact his manager Tom Ngo at

Q: What course did JV take in college?

A: Public Health Policy

FUN FACTS!:- Left handed, although he plays right handed guitar
- His eyebrows tell a story when he sings :)
- Cookies N’ Cream is his favorite
- He thinks Disneyland can never get old
- He wants to live in Australia for 10 years in hopes to obtain the accent
- He used to be a chubby kid like Russel from UP
- He loves to play basketball
- “The Office”: is his new addiction